Meet Dr. Leigh
Nationally-Recognized Medical Expert
Let me briefly introduce myself. As a physician I consider myself a lifelong learner, and I have a passion to bring that knowledge to you to help you live your life to the fullest.
Medical Media Broadcaster
Before serving as a TV medical correspondent, a little known fact about me is I was one of very few women doctors in urology. But, I wanted to broaden my scope of service, and made my way into emergency medicine, where I became a spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians.
A New Passion is Born
After treating thousands of people with a wide range of health problems, I realized that as a medical broadcaster I could proactively help people manage their health and wellness before an emergency occurs, affecting change over a larger community as opposed to one patient at a time in the emergency room.
National Media Outlets
My no-nonsense style and experience as an emergency doctor led me to becoming a frequent guest and member of the inaugural Medical Advisory Board for the very-popular Dr. Oz TV program. Since that time, I've been a frequently sought-after medical expert for virtually every every national television network and cable news outlet.
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Need a Medical Expert?
I've devoted my career to educating as many people as possible about preventive health,
interpreting science and medical news, along with how to harness stress and anxiety.
Looking for an expert for your TV show, speaker lineup or corporate wellness program?
Let's talk. -- Dr. Leigh
For speaking or media inquiries, please contact: David Jahr,
(805) 452-4180

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