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30 Ways Science Says You Can Harness Stress For Success
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What's In
Never Let Them See You Sweat?
As an emergency physician and television medical expert, I've seen and heard it ALL! Along the way, I've learned a few things about stress and anxiety. 
Life Lessons
Being a woman in a male-dominated profession, juggling career and family, as a caregiver for loved ones while still taking care of patients, has taught me how to manage a wide-range of stressors!
Vanity's Little Secret
Learn how to use it to create healthy habits to live your longer, best-looking life.  
The Physiology & Psychology
of Stress
Stress actually serves a purpose, but it's supposed to be temporary. By delving into the science behind it, I can help you better understand and manage it. 
Is Cannabis a Healthy Option?
I earned one of the country's first Master's degree in Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics, so I could reveal the truth about it to help guide you.
30 Ways Science Says You Can Harness Stress
I share my favorite ways to do it, including the single best investment I've ever made, that allows me to wind down and recharge.
Mothers Know Best
I'll offer the best advice that I've taken from two generations of my family, including my free-spirited, fun-loving "hippie-mom" and sterner, hardworking, "Rosie-the-Riveter" grandmother.
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