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Never Let Them See You Sweat: New Book Coming Soon!
I’m excited to announce my new book “Never Let Them See You Sweat” is in the final stages of development. Stay tuned to pre-order and learn 30 ways that science says you can harness stress for success! If you haven't already, click Subscribe below so you know when it's available!
Heart's Greenstate Asks Dr. Leigh About Using Cannabis During Pregnancy
May 11, 2024 -- Should pregnant mothers who use cannabis expect any anomalies with their child? Dr. Leigh offers her input for the Hearst publication Greenstate, based the available research. Read the entire article by clicking "Read Here" below.
News Nation Asks Dr. Leigh to Weigh-In on Princess Kate's Cancer Diagnosis
March 22, 2024 -- News Nation asks Dr. Leigh to weigh-in on Princess Kate's condition. Watch the clip by clicking the button below. 
Dr. Leigh Offers News Nation Viewers Insight Into Prostate Cancer and Secretary of Defense's Operation
January 10, 2024 -- News Nation asks Dr. Leigh for insight into Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin's prostate cancer and related surgery.
Can You Overdose on THC? The Legend of Greening Out
November 13, 2023 -- Greenstate reporter Cara Wietstock asks Dr. Leigh if THC can be lethal and the related health risks.
NewsNation Now Asks Dr. Leigh: Is the New RSV Vaccine For Babies Safe?
August 22, 2023 -- Dr. Leigh sheds light on the safety of the new RSV vaccine created for babies, as well as sharing how to help prevent your baby from catching this virus.
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Is Marijuana a Stimulant? The Answer Isn't So Simple
July 27, 2023 -- Greenstate reporter Rachelle Gordon inquires with Dr. Leigh about cannabis being a stimulant or depressant. 
Webinar: Dr. Leigh Joins Panel Discussing How Medical Cannabis Testing Affects Patients
July 26, 2023 -- Americans for Safe Access (ASA) held a webinar discussing the details of their 78-page report, “Regulating Patient Heath: An Analysis of Disparities in State Cannabis Testing Programs.” Leading the presentation was Debbie Churgai, the Executive Director at ASA, with commentary from Dr. Leigh Vinocur, Emergency Physician, and Shelby Huffaker, Public Health Researcher.
NewsNation Now Asks Dr. Leigh About Narcan Use on Madonna
July 7, 2023 -- Paramedics administered Narcan on Madonna recently. The drug is commonly used when drug overdose is suspected or for treating septic shock. Dr. Leigh helps the NewsNation Now viewers understand Narcan and how it works. She also addresses "forever chemicals" that may be lurking in our tap water.
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WYPR Interviews Dr. Leigh About Cannabis Safety
June 20, 2023 -- Dr. Leigh joins WYPR's Midday to explain the scientific data, purposes and risks associated with using cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. 
NewsNation Now: Dr. Leigh Clarifies Risk of Breathing Wildfire Smoke
June 8, 2023 -- Dr. Leigh warns breathing the wildfire smoke brought in from Canada can be harmful to your health in more ways than one. Get the details by clicking the video.
NewsNation Asks Dr. Leigh About New Alzheimer's Cure?
May 17, 2023 -- New science accidentally discovered may point to a possible cure for Alzheimer's. NewsNation asked Dr. Leigh for guidance.
NewsNation Seeks Guidance From Dr. Leigh About New Law Allowing Medically-Assisted Death
April 26, 2023 -- Dr. Leigh weighs-in on the ethics and legal issues surrounding a new law allowing medically-assisted death.
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Marijuana-Linked ER Visits By Seniors Are Rising
January 16, 2023 -- Dr. Leigh helps Health Day reporter Cara Murez understand possible reasons for the increased rate of emergency room visits by seniors. 
Miracle at Sea? Dr. Leigh Discusses "Lucky" Man Who Fell Overboard
November 28, 2022 -- Dr. Leigh explains to HLN's Shyann Malone the risks of falling overboard after the Coast Guard rescued a cruise ship passenger who survived 15 hours treading water at sea on Thanksgiving.
Dr. Leigh Weighs In On Jay Leno's Burn Diagnosis and Treatment
November 17, 2022 -- Dr. Leigh weighs in and explains Jay Leno's diagnosis and treatment after the comedian and classic car aficionado experienced 3rd degree burns on his face and hands.

Can CBD Help You Study?
October 21, 2022 -- checks with Dr. Leigh about whether or not CBD can help with focus. The answer might surprise you.

Dr. Leigh Explains RSV Crisis on HLN's Weekend Express with Susan Hendricks
October 26, 2022 -- Many hospitals report a surge in RSV cases among children. Dr. Leigh explains how to protect your children from this respiratory illness, and suggests why hospitals are being overrun with cases. Click video (on left) to view the segment.

Is CBD Safe For Kids?
October 17, 2022 -- More parents are turning to CBD to help their children with various behavioral issues, but is it a safe option? Dr. Leigh sifts through the fact and fiction to help readers know the truth in this article published by

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Medical cannabis use growing among seniors—along with need for cannabis-trained doctors
September 29, 2022 -- Seasons, a website supporting caregivers, sought guidance from Dr. Leigh for their article about a study that showed a growing number of seniors turning to medical cannabis for pain. Read her comments by clicking Read here below.

Dr. Leigh Highlights Need for Cannabis Education in Alumni Spotlight
September, 2022 -- The University of Maryland-Baltimore, School of Pharmacy where Dr. Leigh was among the first in the country to receive a Master's degree in medical cannabis science and therapeutics, was recently featured her in the Alumni newsletter. Dr. Leigh points to the paucity of education in medical schools today on medical cannabis science and therapeutics with less than 9% of them including it in their curriculum. Click Read Here for the entire article.
It's Hot! Ways to Beat the Heat
July 20, 2022 -- Robin Meade from Headline News asks Dr. Leigh to clarify the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke, plus ways to alleviate dehydration in order to beat the heat.

Everyday Health Taps Dr. Leigh For Fireworks Safety
June 29, 2022 -- Dr. Leigh tells reporter Lisa Rapaport that emergency rooms get filled with patients with burns and severe injuries on July 4th. Here's how to minimize the risks. (Photo: Adobe Stock, Canva)
Are Vapes Healthier Than Cigarettes?
June 25, 2022 -- Headline News asks Dr. Leigh about the dangers of nicotine in response to President Biden's call to restrict nicotine levels in tobacco products.

It's Hot! How Can You Avoid Overheating?
June 15, 2022 -- Oppressive heat waves bring health dangers. Watch Dr. Leigh answer questions about the risks of dehydration and heat stroke on HLN's Morning Express. Click video (on left) to view the segment.

Dr. Leigh Helps Headline News Viewers Understand Options During Severe Baby Formula Shortage
May 21, 2022 -- While the FDA says shelves of baby formula could return in a matter of a few weeks, Headline News asked Dr. Leigh to give advice to parents with infants about alternatives while waiting out the severe shortage. Click video (on left) to view the segment.
. Asks Dr. Leigh to Clarify CBD Dangers
May 20, 2022 - Woman ends up in hospital after taking high doses of CBD, other supplements. The 56-year-old patient had a life-threatening abnormal heart rhythm when she was admitted to the emergency department. reached out to Dr. Leigh, a medicinal marijuana expert, to clarify CBD's dangers and instruct consumers how to avoid any risk.  
What Men Over 50 Need to Know About Their Prostate
May 2, 2022 - Recording on WENG, Aging Well Radio Hour -- Interview by Carrie Black -- Dr. Leigh reveals the signs and symptoms of prostate problems that can lead to dangerous conditions if left untreated. She also discusses how saw palmetto lipidosterolic extract has a unique affinity for reducing inflammation and help with urination flow and control issues. 
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INSIDE EDITION Asks Dr. Leigh About Iodine Pills in this Television Broadcast
March 21, 2022 - With the grim specter of nuclear conflict swirling around the world, there's now a huge demand for potassium iodide pills, a substance that may offer some protection from radiation exposure. Some doctors say the tablets have limited value, like after a nuclear plant disaster.
Dr. Leigh Guides Reporter Asking If We Should Have Iodine Pills Ready In Case of Nuclear War
March 15, 2022, 12:02 PM PDT / Source: TODAY / By A. Pawlowski
Fears of a potential nuclear conflict or accident after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are sparking a huge interest in iodine tablets, which can protect the body from some of the harmful effects of radiation. Google searches for “iodine pills for nuclear attack” were up 90% in the U.S. in the last week.

Smoke Weed to Beat COVID? Not So Fast
January 25, 2022 -- Dr. Leigh, a medical cannabis expert, cautions readers about taking up smoking weed after a recent study out of Oregon State University showed cannabis compounds may block COVID-19 infection. 
Health Europa Reports The Current Landscape of Medical Cannabis in the United States -- Featuring Dr. Leigh
Oct. 27, 2021 -- Dr Leigh Vinocur, Chief Medical Officer of cannabis consulting company Ananda Medical Practice and member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, discusses the state of cannabis research, treatment, and legalisation in the US.
PODCAST: What's It Like Having a Career in Medical Broadcasting?
November 20, 2020 -- In this episode, Dr. Archana Shrestha discusses medical journalism and medical broadcasting with Dr. Leigh. 
Men's Health Minute: The Surprising Role of The Prostate
July 1, 2020 -- Three out of four men do not know what their prostate is, does or how it impacts their sex life. So, we asked Dr. Leigh to explain in this men's health minute. 
What Makes a "Quality" Supplement?
December 17, 2019 -- Dr. Leigh records this "advice when considering a supplement, so you know what you're buying is what you're actually getting. 
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